Videos about the PSG-EFE project

Private Sector Growth through Education for Employment (PSG-EFE) is a project to help Senegalese people to find good jobs via the private sector.

You can see some videos about the PSG-EFE project bellow:

Video 1) Private Sector Development Through Education for Employment Project

Video 2) Expansion of Agricultural Insurance Index in the Casamance (Senegal) Region

Video 3) Education for Sustainable Development, Best practice from Senegal

Video 4) Stimulating Private Sector Growth in Africa

Education is a crucial factor in propelling the Senegalese private sector. The Private Sector Growth through Education for Employment (PSGEFE) project is helping to strengthen the private sector by offering technical and vocational training programs to meet the needs of the labour market. PSGEFE is focused on three sectors: agriculture, mining and geomatics.

In tandem with the Ministry of Employment, Vocational Training, and Crafts (MEFPA), PSGEFE is helping to modernize educational facilities and train students for the professional working world. This includes assistance to TVET institutions to upgrade their autonomy, governance, and managerial practices. It finances faculty training and provides the necessary equipment for courses at the institutions.

Ultimately, PSGEFE’s purpose is to provide students with the skills to succeed in the private sector. This project assists with solidifying structural capabilities so students can take advantage of the learning they are put forth with and use it to pursue meaningful employment. In addition, by enhancing the medical, agriculture, and geomatics sectors, PSGEFE has the potential to offer lucrative job opportunities, which is beneficial for the whole economy.

The PSGEFE project is a great example of how targeted education initiatives are able to benefit both individuals and the private sector. It provides a platform for students to gain critical skills and further develop their capabilities to enter the workforce and make a difference in the private sector. Other example of project that try to improve the Africa situation (more specifically, in Ethiopia) is Cardano.

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